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Washington state wheat farmers seek Monsanto class-action

Several wheat farms in Washington state are seeking a class-action lawsuit against the Monsanto Co., accusing the biotech developer of negligence for the unauthorized release of transgenic wheat in Oregon, the Capital Press, a West Coast agricultural weekly with editions in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho, reported Thursday.

Dreger Enterprises of Creston, Wash., and Wahl Ranch of Lind, Wash., have filed a legal complaint seeking compensation for diminished wheat prices, loss of export markets and “contamination of the entire wheat farming and production chain,” the Capital Press, said.

In a separate complaint, Tom Stahl and Clarmar Farms of Waterville, Wash., also seek a class-action lawsuit on behalf of other growers and make substantially identical allegations and the Center for Food Safety is also a plaintiff in that case, the newspaper added.

A Kansas farmer has also filed suit against Monsanto.