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Obama speaks out on proposed food stamp cuts

President Barack Obama criticized the House-passed bill to cut the food stamp program in his remarks to the Congressional Black Caucus last Saturday.

“Sometimes it seems like the pettiness of our politics just is making things worse and worse,” Obama said to the CBC during a speech largely devoted to a defense of the Affordable Care Act.

“You look at it right now — the other day, House Republicans voted to cut $40 billion in nutritional aid for struggling families at the same time as some of the same folks who took that vote are receiving subsidies themselves,” Obama said. “So farm subsidies for folks at the top are OK; help feeding your child is somehow not. I know the CBC, led by outstanding Chairwoman Marcia Fudge, fought hard to protect those programs that keep so many children from going hungry.”

Later in the speech, Obama also said, “We’ve overcome far darker threats than those. We will not negotiate over whether or not America should keep its word and meet its obligations. We’re not going to allow anyone to inflict economic pain on millions of our own people just to make an ideological point.”